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Canadian Standards Association (CSA) a leading developer of standards and codes, today announces new measures to help protect children from electrical shocks in the home. The new code requires that tamper-resistant receptacles to be installed into all newly built and renovated structures. They are equipped with built-in shutter systems designed to prevent single-pronged foreign objects like pins keys and nails from touching live electrical wires if inserted into the receptacle slots. Studies by the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program (CHIRPP) on electrical injuries in children during a six-year period, 365 children were treated in 16 emergency rooms for electrical injuries due to placing a conductive object or finger in an electrical outlet. Of those children injured, 37 per cent needed medical follow-up treatment and 11 per cent required admission to a hospital. During the same time period there was one reported fatality. Two-thirds of all electrical injuries were sustained by children five-years of age or less and 74 per cent of all electrical injuries took place in the child’s own home. About Town Electric is skilled and qualified in assisting child-proof your home call today for your free safety evaluation.