Tip of the day


Beware of imitators! The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the Canadian Underwriters Laboratories (CUL) have a strict inspection procedure , testing methods and approval process in place for your safety. You can identify approved electrical items by locating the CSA/CUL sticker placed on the actual item. If there is no visible seal of approval or certification: DO NOT USE THE DEVICE! This includes but is not limited to: extension cords, light bulbs, outlet replacements, night lights, lamps, multi-outlet usage plug ins, general household appliances and any and all other items requiring the use of electricity. Common imitators can be found at discount, dollar or bargain stores. These unapproved and untested items and devices are a potential fire hazard and have been the cause of many injury and electrical shock. Please be sure to read the label and use only items tested and approved by the CSA/CUL. Ask one of our friendly electricians if you are unsure if you using safe, tested and approved items or devices in your home we would be more than happy to assist you.